Project Office

Project Office

The R & D and innovation capacity of universities must be increased in order to develop innovative studies that are the main factor in the global competition in today's internet age. The main objective of Nişantaşı University's scientific projects coordination office, which was established with this idea, is to spread the R & D project culture among academics and move our university to the top position in the success indices. In this context, another mission of the Project Office is to follow up national and international research support resources and provide the necessary scientific and technical support for the progress of the projects to the researchers.

  • To provide the necessary technical information support to the researchers by monitoring national and international research support resources and grant funds
  • To encourage University researchers to prepare research projects for the benefit of national and international resources
  • Providing administrative and financial process support to researchers at every stage of the project (preparation, application, management, termination, patent, commercialization)
  • To carry out studies to further mobilize the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary competencies of our university with projects that will have an impact
  • Monitoring the research activities of the University with data, processing and reporting the data

Another mission of our project office is to provide support funding for research projects to be carried out in undergraduate studies in order to encourage senior undergraduate students studying in Engineering, Architecture, Art, Design and Economics and administrative social sciences faculties of the university to conduct research through projects.

Our project unit also aims to introduce new projects where new technologies can be implemented and branding will be achieved by developing cooperation between Nişantaşı University and Industry. The R & D and innovation capacity that will increase with the provision of university industry cooperation will enable our country to become competitive worldwide.